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About the project

HLPRS is a Netherlands-based company that provides clients with the possibility to find help in the household with cleaners, handypeople, gardeners, and babysitters.

Everything is well-organized for both customers and helpers: from invoicing to customer service.

HLPRS offers people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds a chance to work and make others happy. This platform assists service providers with a (side) job that gives satisfaction. Cleaners, handypeople, gardeners, and babysitters can choose where, when, and what hourly rate they will work. Clients choose a person who will help them with housework based on the desired service frequency, cost, and a worker’s experience.

HLPRS came to Syndicode with a need to develop a two-sided marketplace from scratch.

HLPRS wanted to integrate all customers and providers into a single system that would help to make transactions automatically while not expanding the company’s workload. We сreated an online marketplace with the following key elements:

  • registration for clients
  • registration for service providers
  • booking for clients
  • search for clients
  • reminders for both sides
  • payments for service providers
  • invoices for clients
  • reports for both sides

Syndicode provided full-cycle software development for this project – backend, frontend, design, and testing.

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  • Categories:
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, React.js, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec, SCSS, Amazon AWS, REST API/GraphQL, Postgres 11

  • Services:

    Marketplace Development, Web Development, Web Design, Website Development, Backend Development, Mobile App Development

  • Integrations

    Twilio API, Sentry Errors API, MailChimp templates API, Mandrill SMTP/Reports API, landing pages API, Google Direct API, Google Geocoding API, Google Map API, Amazon S3 API


  • Location

    Breda, The Netherlands

  • Team

    1 Engineering Lead

    2 Backend Developers

    3 Frontend Developers

    2 Product Designers


  • Timeline

    The platform went live in January 2020

    Development & maintenance – ongoing


  1. Solution delivered

    Syndicode has designed and developed a fully-automated system with a two-sided marketplace. This helped expand the upper limit of business revenue and reduce maintenance costs.

  2. Challenges overcome

    The main challenge was creating the entire product from scratch with little input. The system included registration, search, reminder systems, landing generation system, payment systems, analytics, and more. There was a heavyweight technical implementation.

  3. Business problem solved

    Before the marketplace creation, HLPRS had to work in a “semi-manual” mode. Separate processes were automated, but there was no single system. Data duplication significantly hampered order processing time. Staff and delivery expenses hindered business growth.

  • Added Value

    • 100% automation made it possible to bring together thousands of customers’ and providers’ databases. 
    • Syndicode has created a system for integrating a service that minimizes expenses on payments. 
    • An all-in-one marketplace solution helped scale the business, increase service efficiency, and reduce staff expansion costs.
    Added Value
  • Client-side Marketplace

    • The client can create an order for which the address and convenient time are indicated.
    • After the client completes the booking, the search for the most suitable service provider begins.
    • Sufficient qualifications and experience should meet the client’s requirements for the time specified.
    • The selection process involves a geolocation search to find the provider within a specified radius of the client’s location.
    • The algorithm builds routes from the provider to the client and calculates distances for each route.
    Client-side Marketplace
  • Service-provider-side Marketplace

    • A form with various questions is offered for the service provider to clarify their qualifications and experience.
    • Based on the results, the provider receives points that affect search results.
    • The generation of invoices is automatic after each visit to the address from the order.
    • The provider search system has a sophisticated algorithm with vast capabilities tied to a time frame.
    Service-provider-side Marketplace
  • 7 unique features we introduced

    1. Search for a service provider specifying geolocation, work schedule, and workload.
    2. Automated invoice generation system with the automatic withdrawal of money for services provided.
    3. Advanced ordering system with an automated mailing system.
    4. Innovative library for working with European payment systems (SEPA & IDEAL).
    5. Optimal trip route from the service provider to the client and automatic fare adding to the check using the Google API
    6. A comprehensive system for assessing the qualifications of each Service Provider (courses, certificates, surveys, rating in different categories). 
    7. Automated reports with a detailed analysis of the work performed by cities across the country.
    7 unique features we introduced
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Andreea Cocor
Andreea Cocor Project Manager at HLPRS

About a year ago we decided we need something new for a company. We looked for a team of great engineers and came across Syndicode. They helped us bring our ideas to life. Any feature we asked to develop – they were always ready for us.

Syndicode was a great match with HLPRS. We are happy to have a team of developers from Syndicode.

Now our system works beyond our expectations.


Thank you, Syndicode.