Web and mobile app to Empower your Childcare.

About the project

Kinderlime is the ultimate timesaving software for daycare and afterschool. It aims to simplify teachers life and help parents by empowering their childcare.

With Kinderlime apps, school staff receives the ability to automate and simplify tonnes of paperwork - all necessary documentation, payments, schedules, and contacts collected and processed in the intuitive dashboard. Secondly, parents receive detailed insights about how their children are doing at school, childcare, and camps.

Kinderlime removes every operational burden from the school so parents can do what matters - spending more time with their children. One-stop solution for daycare and after school to save time and money!

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  • Categories:

    Website, Mobile app, Education

  • Technologies:

    Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, AWS, Sidekiq, Intercom, Stripe, Twilio, Sendgrid

  • Location:

    Santa Clara, California, US

  • Team:

    2 Ruby on Rails developers
    1 Product Designer

  • Timeline:

    July 2017 - June 2019

  • Added business values by Syndicode

    Syndicode’s dedicated developers joined the product development team and helped to improve apps’ functionality. Along with Syndicode’s designers who jumped into Kinderlime project a bit later, they empowered the product’s performance and UI.

    Since then, Kinderlime received many awards, increased the number of schools which use the app, and have been acquired by a bigger company.

  • Since we started work on Kinderlime

    1. Kinderlime has grown and engaged more developers to the team
    2. The number of monthly affiliated schools doubled
    3. Kinderlime was acquired by ProCare - a world-known leader in child care management field since 1992.
  • Our contributions

    The client wanted a new version of Kinderlime that could be scalable and fast. So, Syndicode made it possible to speed up Kinderlime web server response time and reach the brand new quality of the existing functionality

    1. We built a whole new scalable API for Kinderlime website and mobile apps.
    2. Syndicode updated the admin panel functionality that support team uses for handling problems and for some internal purposes.
    3. Our UI/UX designers helped to improve Kinderlime website by making it more appealing and functional.
    Our contributions
  • Kinderlime website backend

    Kinderlime new website backend allows school staff and parents to seamlessly update or add any kind of data. Users can pick any from tens of available actions like children sign-in/sign-out, creating reports, sending SMS or newsletter, checking billing stats, etc.

    With the new website backend, Kinderlime made possible the integration with Gusto to simplify payrolls for teachers. Also, such features as Lead CRM and Learning became available. All the gathered data can be explored interconnected via the personal dashboard.

    Our contributions
  • Kinderlime mobile backend

    Kinderlime mobile applications for iOS and Android received the new interface and ease of Sign In-Out and posting of Daily Activities. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Android version 5.0 and up.

    With the updates made by Syndicode, Kinderlime mobile apps became as fast as never before.

    Our contributions


  1. Timely assistance

    The client asked Syndicode for the help with Kinderlime v.2 that supposed to receive many improvements and enhancements compared to the first version of the app.

  2. New scalable API

    Syndicode managed to jump into the already existing project and build a whole new scalable API for mobile and website app versions very fast.

  3. Test

    We are making sure that the new functionality will work properly 24/7 by covering it with tests.

  4. New features

    With the new scalable API, it was possible to add new and improve some existing Kinderlime features like:

  • Integration with Gusto -
    an online payroll service

  • Staff-Time Clock
    (connected with Gusto)

  • Different billing plans

  • Student Enrollment System

  • Sign In-Out

  • Children Daily Activity Tracking

  • Attendance Reports

  • Kinderlime Help Center

...Also, Dropoff and Pickup Notes, Student and Family Data management, Meal Tracking and many more outstanding features of Kinderlime became even more powerful!

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