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Healthcare Education and Networking Platform with Unicorn Potential
Started 2021
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  • Started 2021

Custom Software Development, IT Consulting, UI/UX Design


Ruby on Rails, React, Javascript, HTML, CSS, NextJs, Heroku, Amazon S3


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Conception, Strategy, Design



1 Project Manager

1 Business Analyst

2 UI/UX designers

5 Software Engineers

1 QA Engineer

MedYouCate – Healthcare Education and Networking Platform with Unicorn Potential

MedYouCate is an innovative learning management platform designed specifically for healthcare professionals. This subscription-based website combines the best features of a learning management system, a streaming service, and a marketplace. By providing verified courses in surgery-related topics, MedYouCate simplifies medical training, enhances its quality, and fosters knowledge-sharing and networking among healthcare professionals.

Client’s business goals

The client approached Syndicode, envisioning a subscription-based marketplace featuring verified courses in surgery-related topics. They had a clear set of requirements represented by a mindmap and user stories.
As a startup, they sought an expert in marketplace development to provide them with a turnkey solution. Their primary business goals were to create a platform that simplifies medical training, improves its quality, and connects healthcare professionals for knowledge-sharing and networking. They also aimed to attract both medical professionals and self-learners interested in healthcare education.

Project deliverables

The Syndicode team successfully delivered a comprehensive set of features that formed the core version of the MedYouCate platform. These deliverables included:

  • User role differentiation system;
  • Administrator panel;
  • Rating system for course reviews;
  • E-signature creation tool;
  • Full-text search capability;
  • Email notifications verification expiry.
Deliverable benchmarks

To ensure the successful delivery of the project, we followed a version-based approach. Each version was developed within a similar timeframe and included enhanced functionality. The deliverable benchmarks for this project were as follows:

  • Core version: a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for testing and gathering user feedback;
  • Subsequent versions: Gradual introduction of additional features and expanded functionality to cater to diverse user needs;
  • Content creator tools that empowered creators to develop courses with ease;
  • Regular quality assurance involving continuous testing and bug fixing to maintain a high-quality platform.
Business benchmarks

Throughout the development process, MedYouCate aimed to achieve several significant business benchmarks, including:

  • User growth: Attracting a wide range of medical students, professionals, and self-learners interested in healthcare education
  • Revenue generation: Building a sustainable monetization model through subscription-based access to courses and revenue sharing with content creators
  • Market penetration: Becoming the leading learning management platform for healthcare professionals, connecting a large community of users and content creators
  • User engagement: Encouraging active participation through rating, reviewing, and networking features
  • Expansion of services: Evolving into a comprehensive social platform with job search and hiring tools to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals and enthusiasts.
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