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Nova Post

API management and support portal

Logistics / Ukraine 2015
Nova Post

Syndicode’s custom development services have transformed Nova Post’s documentation processes and developer communication.


  • API development
  • Documentation development



  • Microsoft Azure API Management
  • JSON
  • REST
  • XML

About the client

Nova Post, also known as Nova Poshta, is a logistics and related services delivery company. Founded in Ukraine, it quickly became a leader in express deliveries. 

The company serves both individual and business customers across the country. 

Currently, Nova Post is expanding its operations across Europe.


About the project

Syndicode’s team developed an API management solution and trained Nova Post’s personnel to update, support, and manage it. 

The process included researching, planning, creating, testing, and releasing a pilot version of the product. Afterward, we provided training to Nova Post’s developers on how to accurately create documentation for APIs and helped onboard system administrators.

The challenge

Nova Post faced problems linked to outdated and inefficient API documentation distribution, previously provided in PDF format. This method hindered easy updates and resulted in a poor user experience.

Our solution

Our team carried out a phased rollout, starting with a pilot installation of the portal for a select group of APIs. 

This was followed by training Nova Poshta developers on effective management and updating the portal. 

Syndicode’s specialists then verified the remaining API documentation prepared by Nova Post developers. We also provided onboarding to system administrators and business owners before officially launching the portal.

Technical setup

  • Microsoft Azure API Management was chosen for its comprehensive features and compatibility with Nova Post’s existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement;
  • JSON streamlines the process of API data interchange and offers high versatility for developing web applications;
  • REST supports scalable and flexible interactions, which are universally understood by developers;
  • XML helps in clearly communicating data structures and hierarchies in complex APIs.


Syndicode’s experts created a fully functional, interactive Developers Portal that offers up-to-date API documentation, technical support, and consulting services.
The portal includes enhancements such as video guides, live API call functionalities from the browser, and code samples in various programming languages.
Additionally, it facilitates defect reporting and supports requests, greatly enhancing collaboration quality with external API developers.


After one year of the API management portal being online, I can see by all metrics that this was a very right decision and a big success. We see the huge increase in traffic to the portal. We see less inbound requests to helpdesk about API. We spend less time to manage API documentation. We have very positive feedback from our key clients after they started using our Nova Poshta Developer Portal.

Artyom Volkhonskyi Head of Digital Product Development Department
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