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About the project

Nova Poshta Developers Portal is a website with the company’s interactive API documentation. It was created using the Azure API Management product.

Developers Portal has all the tools to make it easy for developers to start using the company’s API. In addition to API documentation, the portal allows to get technical support and consulting from API developers of Nova Poshta.

There are also news and announcements about API. It has been online for more than a year and has collected positive feedback from the developers’ community.

Our contributions

We aimed to change how Nova Poshta handled the documentation and communication to the developers’ community. In the first stage, we evaluated solutions for API management on the market. Among the possible solutions, including custom development, we gravitated toward the Microsoft products for the following reasons:

  • Nova Poshta has had an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft.
  • Microsoft offers an API management portal from their cloud Azure on a subscription basis.
  • The product covered all needed features.
  • We expected the best time to market with this product.

After selecting the product, we planned a pilot, evaluation, and the final release. We created a pilot install of the portal with a subset of APIs. After the successful review, we accompanied Nova Poshta developers to create documentation for another part of API documentation.

This was a kind of training for the in-house management of the portal. The last part of API documentation was created by the Nova Poshta developers and just verified by us. After training system administrators and business owners, we released the portal.


  1. Collaboration with external API developers was brought to a new quality level. Before, portal API docs were distributed as pdf files leading to outdated info and poor experience. Now Developers Portal offers even video guides and means to report defects and request support and consulting. The Developers Portal is a single up-to-date source of information about Nova Poshta API.
  2. One of the best features offered by Azure API Management Portal is interactive documentation. Developers who used to read PDF documentation can now fire API calls right from the browser on the portal. They see the structure of requests and responses live. They have samples of code for invocation in several programming languages.>

This project took only 40 days with a modest budget in the frame of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement from start to finish.

  • Categories:
  • Technologies

    Microsoft Azure API Management, Microsoft Azure, JSON, REST, XML

  • Location

    Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Team

    1 API Architect

    1 Business Analyst

    1 Project Manager

  • Timeline

    May 2015

Artyom Volkhonskyi,
Artyom Volkhonskyi, Head of Digital Product Development Department, Nova Poshta

After one year of the API management portal being online, I can see by all metrics that this was a very right decision and a big success. We see the huge increase in traffic to the portal. We see less inbound requests to helpdesk about API. We spend less time to manage API documentation. We have very positive feedback from our key clients after they started using our Nova Poshta Developer Portal.

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