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Data science consulting services

As an experienced data science development company, we help clients extract valuable insights from raw data to solve their complex data-rich business challenges. Implementation of data science technologies such as predictive analytics or data visualization allows companies to streamline operational processes and increase the efficiency and profitability of their business.

Data science consulting and development services

We provide data science development services that use the potential of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to help companies stay relevant in highly competitive environments. Businesses can benefit from implementing these technologies in terms of reduced production costs and higher output.

  • Data Science

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    Investing in data science development provides firms with several benefits, including improved decision-making, increased data security, and improved marketing and sales. In addition, with the help of our data science experts, entrepreneurs can extract accurate insights for their companies and, thus, run their businesses more effectively.

  • Machine Learning

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    Syndicode provides data science consulting services to help customers make the most out of machine learning algorithms. Businesses can analyze user behavior and target them with more personalized offerings. For instance, healthcare organizations use data science machine learning to analyze patient records and data sets to identify high-risk patients, recommend medicines, and predict readmissions. This way, they achieve better patient care.

  • Computer vision

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    Computer vision can be widely used across several industries, such as healthcare, insurance, retail, etc. In manufacturing, for example, it enables the detection of minor flaws that are undetectable to the naked eye. In banking, computer vision simplifies credit card initiation, loan origination, and other paper-based processes.

  • Artificial Intelligence

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    The three key applications of artificial intelligence are automation, data analytics, and natural language processing. They are all aimed at increasing the efficiency of the operational processes. With these applications, you can streamline the internal workflow, gain valuable insights into customer’s behavior, and make search engines and chatbots smarter and more helpful.

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Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

How we offer data science services

We offer data science development services at each stage of the software development lifecycle. We start a new project by exploring the business idea and establishing the right goal for the project. After the successful product launch, we monitor the data science as service solutions we deliver to make sure they stay relevant and bug-free.

  • Discovery

    Our team identifies the core business objectives that should be met with a data science solution. Then, our data science experts define the target audience, competitors, the core functionality of a future solution, and its business model. We also uncover potential pitfalls of data science machine learning implementation. As soon as the key project requirements are identified, we choose the most suitable data science methodology for this specific kind of project. For example, if a company needs to get meaning from a large amount of text, the top modeling method will help solve this task efficiently.

  • Design

    Our UI/UX design team further analyzes all requirements received from the client. This way, we ensure that the information architecture will be built properly. As soon as it is complete, UI/UX designers proceed to wireframing. Here wireframes can be seen as layouts showing the position of elements on the web page and their interconnection. There are no colors or logos that could distract our design and development teams. This way, our specialists can focus on usability instead of visual appeal. Later these wireframes are converted into clickable prototypes, which suppose the user interaction. They serve as the basis for the final UI design.

  • Development

    The process of building software products in our data science development company is based on principles of the Agile philosophy. We firmly believe it is the most efficient and flexible method for developing and managing data science as service solutions. The whole software development process is split up into short sprints. Each sprint starts with analyzing and prioritizing tasks in our backlog. After that, our development team proceeds with building the required functionality. Since we deal with massive datasets, we make data privacy and protection our top priority. As soon as the functionality is complete, it is tested by quality assurance engineers to ensure that the system works as it should. If there are no bugs, the solution is deployed to production.

  • Release

    As soon as the testing stage is completed and all bugs are fixed, the final version of the software can be released to production. It is the moment when the client’s software goes live and becomes accessible to search engines and real users. The launch of every software product in our data science development company is accompanied by preparing the release notes. They are technical documents where we describe all crucial changes that have been made and all bugs that have been fixed.

  • Maintenance and support

    We provide our customers with support and maintenance services to achieve zero downtime and maximum availability of our data science solutions. Apart from that, we are always ready to help customers scale their data science operations or enhance their solutions with new functionality. If customers need to use support and maintenance services provided by our data science development company, there are two available options. First, you can purchase a certain amount of hours per month. Alternatively, you can create a backlog of tasks for our data science consultants to work on. To reduce expenses, we recommend collecting tasks until they take at least eight working hours.

Why do we love Data Science?

  • Maturity

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    Maturity in data science varies depending on a specific industry. While it is widely applicable in manufacturing and financing, in healthcare, there is a basic level of maturity for data science.

  • Security

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    The latest data security practices are being developed to prevent data breaches, and unauthorized access to sensitive information and to minimize other security risks.

  • Multipurposeness

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    A great benefit of data science lies in its wide implementation area. Indeed, it can be used for customer analytics, operational processes and workflow optimization, sales, and marketing.

  • Power

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    We use scientific algorithms, processes, and data science methods to build powerful applications and allow businesses to derive valuable insights from large datasets.

  • Compatibility

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    To create software solutions with solid data integrity, our data science development company uses the most advanced technology stack easily compatible with any other technology.

  • Fast development

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    ML and NLP assist in code writing and reviewing, and bug detection and resolving. It increases the speed of software development, designing, testing, and deploying processes.

We provide custom data science consulting to

Regardless of their size, all businesses will derive multiple benefits from investing in data science consulting offered by Syndicode. They can get the upper hand by analyzing market trends and reacting to them faster than their competitors.

  • Large businesses Arrow right

    Our data science application development services help large, well-established companies safeguard their sensitive information. For example, we can build a fraud prevention system or identify possible flaws in the system’s architecture by analyzing recurring behavior patterns in the existing software. Besides, we can provide organizations with revolutionary tools that allow viewing data in real-time mode and, thus, offer business owners a greater degree of agility.

  • Small & medium businesses Arrow right

    Data science helps small and middle-sized organizations monitor their inventory and identify which products they need to stock. Additionally, entrepreneurs can discover the priority areas they should focus on to grow the profitability of their business. Finally, big data helps companies predict future expenses, sales, and other crucial information required for improving the bottom line.

  • Startups Arrow right

    We build highly innovative data science solutions to help aspiring entrepreneurs run their startups efficiently. Our products help identify the core metrics you need to track to measure the success of your business. They can also predict customers’ behavior and target your audience with the most relevant and personalized offerings. Eventually, our tools will improve your brand’s loyalty and retention.

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Data science tech stack

  • Frameworks

    • Django
    • Flask
    • Pyramid
    • Tornado
    • FastAPI
  • Front-end

    • JS
    • React
    • Angular
    • Vue
  • Databases

    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
  • Tools and utilities

    • Asyncio
    • Celery
    • RabbitMQ
    • Kafka

Syndicode industry expertise

Companies across different industries can get valuable insights by analyzing big data collected from multiple sources. By offering organizations data science consulting, we help them solve their complex business issues related to big amounts of data.

  • Online marketplaces Arrow right

    Deep learning algorithms allow marketplace owners to analyze shoppers’ past searches and purchase histories and target them with personalized offers.

  • Logistics Arrow right

    By using data analytics, we help the logistics sector manage and track products and machinery in real-time mode and, thus, achieve better delivery.

  • E-commerce Arrow right

    Implementing data science solutions in retail and e-commerce allows businesses to predict purchases, revenue, and losses and monitor shoppers’ behavior to drive more sales.

  • Education Arrow right

    Our data science solutions help educational organizations create customized curricula and tests and evaluate students’ and teachers’ performance to enrich the learning experience.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    We provide entertainment and media companies with robust data science solutions to help them predict what type of content will be exceptionally popular among their audience.

  • Rental Arrow right

    Rental analytical tools provided by Syndicode offer quick ways to develop accurate rent estimates and quickly respond to evolving market situations.

  • Fashion Arrow right

    Companies can revolutionize the fashion and apparel industry by extracting data from multiple sources, be it social media posts or trends on Instagram.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    Big data analytics allows medical organizations to get practical insights that enable them to make data-driven decisions aimed at boosting the quality of healthcare services.

Reasons to outsource data science?

Today more and more companies find data science implementation beneficial for their business. However, it should be noted that it is a very complex area that requires a lot of human intelligence and time for companies to implement it properly. Given this, it appears that outsourcing data science consulting services is a better alternative than recruiting an in-house team.

  • Vast expertise

    An experienced data analytics services company has helped numerous clients all over the world to solve these business challenges by providing them with data science consulting services. The chances are that some of them face issues similar to yours. Given that, you can entrust them with your project idea. Based on their experience and a great number of projects under their belt, they will choose the most suitable data science methods that will work for your specific project. As a result of this partnership, you will get a unique software solution tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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  • Focus on other core business activities

    Partnership with a reliable company offering data science consulting services will save you time and increase your efficiency. Instead of delving into technical nuances, you can concentrate on core business activities, be it creating and executing marketing or growth strategies or searching for new customers and investors. Moreover, insights provided by a data science agency will increase your chances of success.

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  • Scalability of your data science operations

    When you start implementing data science technology, it may seem unclear what level of data science you should spend on. For a start, you can focus on several tasks at hand. However, over time, you may require much heavier data science operations. If you decide to entrust these data science tasks to your in-house team, you will need to hire and train new employees, which will result in increased expenses. By partnering up with an experienced data science consulting company, you can avoid extra costs.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do smart entrepreneurs use data science services? Arrow right

    There are several reasons entrepreneurs should consider investing in data science services to run their businesses successfully. First, such cutting-edge technologies as artificial intelligence and machine learning improve the predictability of their business and help them make more informed decisions that will have a positive impact on profitability. Second, by gathering data from multiple sources, entrepreneurs can get valuable insights into their customers’ behavior. Armed with this information, they can increase the value of their offerings and launch products and services that meet the market demand. Finally, by implementing top-notch technologies, companies will be able to protect their sensitive information. Professional data scientists will safeguard their confidential data by building fraud prevention systems for them.

  • How much do data science services cost? Arrow right

    It is a tricky question. Everything depends on the complexity of your project. The more innovative technologies you want to implement, the higher the price will be. The second factor that influences the cost of data science consulting services is the geographic location of the vendor and its experience. To be more specific, an experienced data science consulting company from North America or Western Europe will set higher rates for the services they deliver than their counterparts from Eastern Eastern Europe. Still, these countries are a good choice if you want to reduce expenses. Though their rates are lower, the quality of services of Eastern European countries remains very high. If you want some specific figures, the U.S. data scientists’ salaries in the US vary from $82,300 to $236,000 per year. When it comes to the United Kingdom, the data salaries there vary from $69,000 to $119,000. Finally, in Germany, these figures will be between $75,000 and €114,000.

  • Why choose Syndicode as a data science services provider? Arrow right

    There are several reasons why you should consider Syndicode as your data science service provider. First, we have vast relevant experience in implementing such top-notch technologies as deep learning, big data processing, and computer vision in our software projects. Second, we hire the most skillful specialists with a profound technical background. This way, we ensure the highest quality of services and the products we deliver. Finally, we know how to hold successful discovery sessions. It means that we have learned how to effectively gather customers’ primary requirements and use them to offer the most applicable technical solutions. This approach helps us determine how to implement the data science technologies so that they can bring the biggest value to the end-users.

  • How can help existing products or projects using data science services? Arrow right

    First, data science can help launch focused and targeted campaigns to promote existing solutions. With the help of big data, businesses can identify the latest customer trends. By monitoring online purchases and point-of-sale transactions, they can execute their marketing campaigns more effectively. Besides, big data allows entrepreneurs to enhance their existing solutions with new innovative features. By gathering big volumes of data, they can define which functionality fits their customers the most.