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Syndicode Digest #34 – Anguished typewriting

Syndicode Digest #34 – Anguished typewriting
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Sometimes it’s going hard. Whatever you do it is not what you wanted and imagined to be. But, as you know, every cloud has a silver lining! And soon you will forget about these no-go times. Just relax and read our new Syndicode Digest #34 – Anguished typewriting.


  1. What to expect in Rails 5.2? Active storage, Redis cache store, CSP, Credentials and more fixes and improvements.
  2. Master the CSS Grid by learning as much as you can from its specification. Grid size, conflicts, using percentages, auto-fill and more useful tips to explore.
  3. The concept of cryptocurrencies is not limited to Bitcoin and friends. Understand a blockchain with a simple project example. We can imagine a lot of applications for such a technology!
  4. A write-up about a simple way to deploy your app with Heroku step by step.
  5. Logic, pitfalls, and tips to work with loops in JavaScript. Here you will learn about conditions, infinite loops and looping through arrays, with examples.
  6. If you are a UX or UI designer, these 5 Sketch plugins will make your work easier.
  7. New InVision (a tool for creating clickable prototypes) will be run on an entirely new code base. So there will be a few of the new options like “sharing” for collaborative work on the design, “spaces” to organize all of your documents, reliability at scale and fast responsiveness. Its release is expected in early 2018.
  8. We created the web app development guide, but one thing is missed there. So we’re fixing it by adding to this digest the article about web app security issues. This is something you have to be aware of.
  9. Hey, fans of Elixir! Do you know, what’s available in the Elixir ecosystem today?

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