Highlights from Frontend Tooling Survey 2018

Highlights from Frontend Tooling Survey 2018
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To shed light on the tools that frontend developers are using right now in the industry we made some highlights from Frontend Tooling Survey 2018. The survey was held this March and 5,097 frontend developers took part in it. 

The pool of questions that formed the results of Frontend Tooling Survey 2018 consisted of 24 questions represented below:

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And here we deliver some

Highlights from Frontend Tooling Survey 2018

  1. General frontend experience – 54.23% of respondents have been working with front-end technologies for over 5 years.
  2. CSS knowledge – 89.9% of respondents stated that their knowledge in CSS is at an intermediate level or above.
  3. CSS Processor Usage – with 65.33%, Sass is still the dominant tool.
  4. CSS Processor Experience – 73.34% of respondents indicated that they feel comfortable using Sass.
  5. CSS Frameworks – with 34,69% of respondents, Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework. It’s interesting, that 33% of respondents don’t use frameworks at all.
  6. CSS Naming Schemes – 49.54% of developers now using one of CSS naming schemes when writing CSS.
  7. CSS Tool Experience – 49.46% of respondents comfortable using Autoprefixer.
  8. CSS Methodologies and Naming Scheme Experience – BEM is still the best-known CSS methodology with 38.85% of respondents saying that they feel comfortable using it.
  9. CSS Feature Usage – 68.04% of developers say they feel comfortable using Flexbox.
  10. JavaScript Knowledge – 86,85% of respondents consider themselves to be at an intermediate level or higher in JavaScript.
  11. Task Runners – NPM scripts now becoming the most used task runner with 47.79%.
  12. Knowledge of JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks –  jQuery (79.91%), React (41.02%), Vue.js (17.19%) and Angular 2+ (12.63%) dominate and are known with the most of developers.
  13. jQuery usage is still high amongst developers – with 50.52% of respondents using it on their projects. But React is now a very close second, with 47.77%.
  14. JavaScript Module Bundlers Usage – 66.04% of respondents use Webpack.
  15. JavaScript Extension Languages – with 21.66%, TypeScript is the tool that the most respondents felt comfortable using.
  16. JavaScript Linting – 61.11% of respondents use ESLint.
  17. JavaScript Testing – 43% of respondents don’t use any testing tool. 22,29% of developers use Jest.
  18. JavaScript Package Managers – NPM is clearly still the leading package manager, with 62.90% of respondents using it.

Also, check how the usage of frontend tools is changing over time by looking at the figures from previous surveys.

Additionally, you can find the results of another survey devoted to Ruby on Rails here.

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