Free tools for designers

Free tools for designers
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As UI/UX design agency, last time we shared with you the list of the best books for UI/UX designers in 2019. We hope you found them useful to master your skills. And this is the time for some really cool free tools for designers we found for you today.

Here’s a collection of free resources that are useful in preparing design assets for any projects:

  1. Colormind.io uses deep learning to extract color collections from popular photos, movies, and art.

  2. Coolors.co generates a new color palette every time you push the space bar.

  3. uiGradients showcases a number of UI gradients and provides the CSS to implement them.

  4. Palettab makes every new tab an invitation to view new fonts and color schemes.

  5. The Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings having a few fonts well-paired is more expressive than a single font.

  6. Typewolf curated a collection of the 40 best Google Fonts.

  7. Font Combinations by Great Simple Studio pairs down the multitude of Google Font possibilities into a set of five.

  8. Vectr.com for designing custom logos and images.

  9. Google Material Design extensive library of free icons, available in a variety of sizes and densities.

  10. Unsplash high quality stock images and photos you can download and use for any project.

  11. Life of Pix ever-growing selection of gorgeous photos, all under the Creative Commons license.

  12. Preview program for image manipulation.

  13. Snapseed (iOS | Android) a mobile app developed by Google with complete photo editing capabilities.

  14. Adobe Photoshop Mix (iOS | Android) mini-Photoshop on your phone for free.

  15. Pixlr pixel-based image editor from Autodesk that runs in the browser or as a desktop app.

  16. MockUPhone  your screenshot inside relevant devices (smartphones, Macs, desktops, televisions, and more).

  17. AppLaunchpad generates beautiful images for App Store and Google Play, complete with pre-designed templates, backgrounds, and fonts.

  18. Duuunk has a collection of real-world photos, and you’re able to customize the devices displayed with your own screenshot for free.

More about all these tools you can find here. Syndicode is always ready to help with outstanding design solutions be it UI/UX, product or digital design! Hire us for your next great design!

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