UX research process in 10 diagrams

UX research process in 10 diagrams
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While Syndicode was preparing our big comprehensive UI/UX design guide, we found a great material by Dr. David Travis that helps start working on the project’s design by presenting the UX research process in 10 diagrams.

2×2 diagram is a simple way of looking at a problem. You consider each of the various factors in your problem and choose two that are important and that can be classified into discrete values.

  • “Amount we will learn” and “Ease of access”.
  • “Technical expertise” and “Domain knowledge”.
  • “Task frequency” and “Task importance”.
  • “Task frequency” and “Task difficulty”
  • “Type of research method” and “Type of data”
  • “Our knowledge of users” and “Urgency”
  • “Critical to get right and “Complex to do well”
  • “Importance to business” and “Value to User”
  • “Ease of implementation” and “Value to User”
  • “Impact on revenue” and “Value to User”
  • Type of persuasion” and “Who benefits?”

Although simple, 2×2 diagrams are a useful way to simplify a complex problem into a small number of alternative choices. But they become even more powerful when you create specific diagrams based on dimensions that are particular to your users and your industry. Be sure to keep in mind that the most useful dimensions from a UX research perspective tend to focus on the context of use: your users, your tasks and the environments they work in. Find all the diagrams here.

These tools will help you to conclude effective user research!

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