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The example of a development workflow

The example of a development workflow
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If you start your own project you probably want to get more understanding of what discovery session is and what parts it consists of. We will go further and show you the example of a development workflow.

The stages of development during which you, the client, play the largest role are Requirements Elicitation & Business Analysis and User Experience design, when our business analyst and UI/UX designer create a sketch of your project. This is when your involvement in the project is most direct. But if we look at project development as a whole, these clearly aren’t the only crucial stages. We can create a quality web or mobile application only when all development stages are done right.

  1. Requirements elicitation & business analysis is the first stage of collaboration with our clients. At this time we’ll gather valuable information that will help us progress during the later stages of project development. That’s basically done during a discovery session.
  2. The User Experience phase is paramount because it combines visual appeal with usability. A well-designed UX should help app users achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.
  3. The User Interface (UI) phase is the start of the visual side of application development: we select colors, draw icons and logos, choose fonts, and add other content. Our UI designer thinks about how to illustrate behavior of every screen.
  4. For a project to be a success, we must first thoroughly define its aim and features and then – only after the project is well understood – can we determine what technology is best for the project.
  5. Testing is the only way to find out if your product is properly built. If we don’t test regularly, then we run the risk of not implementing according to specifications.
  6. When the product finally reaches the market, it’s time to gather statistics, user reviews, and any other relevant data to understand.
  7. The rapidly evolving market forces us to be flexible and responsive to change. Many of the practices that we employ were invented years ago, but have proven their value.

Contact Syndicode and try out our accuracy about development workflow procedure! We mastered it!

We also recommend to write a software development implementation plan.

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