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PreVue is a prototyping tool for Vue developers

PreVue is a prototyping tool for Vue developers
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Vue.js is quickly becoming a fan favorite for developers when it comes to web app developmentSyndicode loves Vue too! Want to explore more? PreVue is a prototyping tool for Vue developers that we are going to present you today.

PreVue allows the user to design their component architecture. By using it you have the following possibilities :

  1. Create components and preview their code
  2. Set up different routes
  3. Establish parent-child component relationships
  4. See their application architecture in tree format
  5. Export the component architecture as a Vue application created with the default Vue CLI settings.

Adding Components is easy. Remember these rules:

  • Double click on the application icon
  • Create components by entering a name and clicking the html elements you need
  • Drag them around to change the order
  • When you’re satisfied, click the button to add a component and it will show up in the center stage, with the ability to resize
  • Edit components by double-clicking for the edit modal to show
  • Create different routes for your application by entering a new route name and pressing enter
  • When you’re satisfied, click the export project icon to export your project as a new Vue application!

That’s it! Now you can use it. Find more details here and explore it by yourself.

We have something more that can be interesting for you. Meet vue-meta plugin to manage your app’s metadata!

p.s. When we show you some solution it doesn’t mean you have to take it as a guarantee. But that does mean you have to explore it and get familiar with the way it was built and how it works. At least.

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