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Node.js 12

Node.js 12
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We are excited about new releases and especially when it comes about Node.js. Syndicode is extremely happy to announce Node.js 12 today! Highlighted updates and features include faster startup and updates and many more that we are going to tell in today’s material.

Node.js 12 is introducing TLS1.3 support and making it the default max protocol, while also supporting CLI/NODE_OPTIONS switches to disable it if necessary.

The new version of the V8 JavaScript brings performance improvements as well as keeping the ongoing improvements in the language and runtime. So, what are the highlights of the new version? We selected some of the main:

  • Async stack traces.
  • Faster calls with arguments mismatch.
  • Faster await
  • Faster javascript parsing.
  • This update will configure the heap size based on available memory instead of using defaults
  • Switch the default parser to llhttp
  • Better support for native modules in combination with Worker threads, as well as N-API
  • The use of Workers Threads no longer requires the use of a flag
  • A new experimental feature “Diagnostic report.”
  • Integrated heap dump capability
  • The main thread can reuse the cache generated by workers
  •  An updated experimental version of support for ES6 modules
  • Codebase now requires a minimum of GCC 6 and glibc 2.17 on platforms

Would you like to try all the new features? Further details are available here.

One more thing that can be interesting to you. Nexe is a command-line utility to compile Node.js apps that you probably didn’t hear before.

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