Strategic technology trends for 2020

Strategic technology trends for 2020
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We live in a world of technological progress where innovations appear every day. It influences our lives and the development of the business. Today we would like to share with you strategic technology trends for 2020 that could bring new opportunities for the business owners.

These trends are the result of combinations of many IT innovations. Here we gathered some of the most important and fast-growing:

  • Hyperautomation.
    The development of advanced technologies, like AO and ML, use of automated processes for every possible way.
  • Blockchain technology.
    The individual applications become more independent and make a record of important events.
  • Use of AI and its security.
    With the help of AI, you with get large data sets, media, automatization and predictions.
  • The distributed cloud.
    It means distributing services to other places outside the cloud data centers but keeping the provider’s control.
  • The empowered edge.
    The information here, as well as content, are closer to the sources of the information, this will reduce latency.
  • Multiexpirience.
    The idea is to replace people-literate technology for every point.
  • Democratization processes.
    Is responsible for ensuring easy access to technical or business expertise.
  • Human augmentation.
    The augmentation has four main categories:
    – Sensory augmentation (hearing, vision, perception),
    – Biological function augmentation (exoskeletons, prosthetics),
    – Brain augmentation (implants) and
    – Genetic augmentation (cell therapy). 
  • Transparency.
    The collection and use of data is becoming more open, so the liability of gathering and storing data increase.
  • Autonomous things.
    Things like drones, robots and others that substitute the task that was traditionally made by humans.

Feel free to find more about the new trends here. At some point, these trends correlate with web development trends for 2019.

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