Learn about online marketplaces with videos from Marketplace Conference experts

Learn about online marketplaces with videos from Marketplace Conference experts
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When you start your own marketplace, there is an endless list of things you should know about. Like tips, pitfalls, best practices, ways to create and books. But as a company that specializes in online marketplace development, we’re always here to help you. Learn about online marketplaces with videos from Marketplace Conference experts, and ask Syndicode for a development!

Here we will highlight some talks to watch that can help in marketplace development:

  • VC Panel “What investors are looking for in early-stage marketplace” moderated by Jacek Łubiński;
  • “Lessons learned in scaling multinationally – Helpling story” by Phillip Huffmann;
  • “Transitioning SaaS Companies to Marketplaces Lessons from Eventbrite and Elsewhere” by Brian Rothenberg, VP, on The annual Marketplace Conference in San Francisco;
  • “10 lessons learned from investing in marketplaces” by Apostolos Apostolakis;
  • “Creating B2B2C Marketplaces Lessons from Wonolo” by Jess Lee from Sequoia and Yong Kim from Wonolo;
  • “How to Trade-Off Acquisition vs Incentive Spend” by Kevin Frisch, Wag
  • “Navigating Hyper-Growth and Financial and Operational Maturity” by Oisin Hanrahan and Mathias Ockenfels
  • “How to Win Against Well Funded Competitors Who Increase CAC” by Mark Lawrence from SpotHero.

All of the above videos and many others you can find on this channel.

As a company with great experience in online marketplace development, we recommend the potential business owners to understand all possible consequences and what they will have to go through from the very beginning and get familiar with the selection of the best 13 books about online marketplaces.

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