10 best React libraries on GitHub

10 best React libraries on GitHub
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Our secret passion JavaScript is not a secret anymore. You could see the way we track the most popular open source projects for JS on a weekly basis. And that is so helpful for understanding the latest trends and finding the latest technologies! Why don’t we track more? For example, repositories for the most popular JS frameworks like React! Meet 10 best React libraries on GitHub!

Let’s go straight to the list!

10 best React libraries on GitHub in a descending order by the number of stars

  1. Material-UI, 34,208 stars by now
  2. Ant Design, 25,701 stars by now
  3. Storybook, 21,606 stars by now (if you remember, recently we wrote about Storybook for Angular)
  4. Gatsby, 19,951 stars by now
  5. Enzyme, 13,114 stars by now
  6. Blueprint, 8,635 stars by now
  7. Spectacle, 6,195 stars by now
  8. Elemental UI, 3,984 stars by now
  9. Grommet, 3,046 stars by now
  10. Mozaïk, 2,645 stars by now

Detailed descriptions can be found here. Which of them do you use?

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