10 great tools for you command line

10 great tools for you command line
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Recently we have described several important steps to build command-line interface with Ruby. Now we are ready to share with you 10 great tools for your command line!

If you ever make use of the command line, you’ll probably find that at least one item on this page will make your life easier.

  • z, jump around
    One of the best time-saving features in modern web browsers is smart search capabilities of the address bar.
  • fzf, a fast fuzzy finder
    After installing fzf, you can press Ctrl + T at any point in time to open up an interactive search interface, which will search for files inside the current directory.
  • bat, to view files with syntax highlighting
    If you want to quickly view a source file with full syntax highlighting, use bat(GitHub)
  • bench, for benchmarking your code
    You can pass any command you can run from your terminal to it, and it will measure the execution time by running the command.
  • asciinema svg-term, for recording your terminal as an SVG animation
  • wrk, for benchmarking your HTTP APIs
    This is a handy tool for performance testing your API.
  • exa, an alternative to ls
    a modern replacement for ls with colour-coded output that has a larger variety of options for controlling how output is presented.
  • fd, for finding files & directories
  • rg (ripgrep), for finding strings in files
    rg is written in Rust, and it powers the search functionality inside the VS Code text editor.

Check here to find useful examples.

And now, when you know these steps, we suggest you to check our material about CodePen modern analogs that will be very useful for any developer!

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