10 UX influencers to follow in 2018

10 UX influencers to follow in 2018
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Last year we shared with you the ultimate list of resources for UX and UI designers. Yes, this list is still valid and useful. But sometimes you get even more useful resources every day if you follow the expert who breathe with the design. Today we represent you TOP 10 UX influencers to follow in 2018!

Discover new UX experts to follow on social media, that are put together in a list of 10 UX influencers to follow in 2018. From innovative ideas to the latest in the UX industry — these guys share it all, not to mention their own esteemed accomplishments in their specific fields. List is created by UX enthusiast Megan Wilson.

  1. Scott Belsky — Chief Product Officer at Adobe
  2. Julie Zhuo — Product Design VP at Facebook
  3. Fabricio Teixeira — Founder of uxdesign.cc
  4. Daniel Burka — Design Partner at GV
  5. Addy Osmani — Eng. Manager at Google
  6. Chris Messina — Inventor of the Twitter #hashtag
  7. Laura Klein — Principal at Users Know & Author of UX for Lean Startups
  8. Paul Boag — UX Designer/Consultant, Speaker & Author of User Experience Revolution
  9. Patrick Neeman — UX Director, Runs uxdrinkinggame.com & usabilitycounts.com

Here they are! Check these UX experts to find some new trends, advise or resources to help your designer career!

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