19 CSS issues in frontend development

19 CSS issues in frontend development
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We pay a lot of attention to CSS and try to be aware of all the news regarding this topic. So for now, we want to show you 19 CSS issues in frontend development that can be a handy reference guide when you’re working on a new project.

Here is the list of common issues:

  1.  Reset The Backgrounds Of button And inputElements
  2. Overflow: scroll vs. auto

  3. Add flex-wrap

  4. Don’t Use justify-content: space-between When The Number Of Flex Items Is Dynamic

  5. Transparent Gradients

  6. The Misconception About The Difference Between auto-fit And auto-fill In CSS Grid

  7. Fixing Elements To The Top Of The Screen When The Viewport Is Not Tall Enough

  8.  Setting max-width For Images

  9. Using CSS Grid To Define main And asideElements

  10. Adding fill To An SVG

  11. Working With Pseudo-Elements

  12. The Weird Space When Using display: inline-block

  13. Add for="ID" When Assigning A Label Element To An Input

  14.  Fonts Not Working With Interactive HTML Elements

  15. Horizontal Scroll Bar

  16. Compressed Or Stretched Images

  17. Add The Correct type For input

  18. Phone Numbers In RTL Layouts

All of the issues mentioned here are among the most common ones. Read more to see how to solve them.

By the way, do you know how to make gradient borders in CSS? We can teach you this.

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