20 awesome Android libraries

20 awesome Android libraries
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As an agency with strong skills in Android app development, we keep tracking info, releases, and libraries. This time we’d like to share with you the list of 20 awesome Android libraries. 

Here you will find 20 best Android libraries worth to try. They ranked in the order from top-best, with description and interactive examples. We will name them for you here:

  1. Lottie
  2. Toasty
  3. StyleableToast
  4. Store
  5. PreviewSeekBar
  6. Chuck
  7. CoordinatorTabLayout
  8. boxing
  9. excelPanel
  10. Horizontal Calendar
  11. CameraFragment
  12. AwesomeBar
  13. ArcNavigationView
  14. ShimmerRecyclerView
  15. Android-SwitchIcon
  16. CounterFab
  17. FadingTextView
  18. Bridge
  19. Ason
  20. ObjectBox

25 awesome Android libraries. Syndicode

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