21 best Vue.js UI libraries

21 best Vue.js UI libraries
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As far as Syndicode loves Vue.js and has already shared some useful Vue.js plugins before, today we’d like to pull off the curtains for the list of 21 best Vue.js UI libraries. The ability to compose your UI using isolated and modular components is one of the best Vue.js features. Actually, these are not only Vue UI component libraries we want to share but also frameworks for 2018 that will help you to build your application several times faster!

You already know and use some of them thanks to our JS digest. But still, here they are

21 best Vue.js UI libraries

  1. Vuetify library
  2. Quasar framework
  3. Element toolkit for web
  4. Vue material library
  5. Keen-UI collection of Vue.js components
  6. Buefy library
  7. Bootstrap Vue
  8. Muse-UI library
  9. AT-UI framework
  10. Vux library
  11. iView toolkit
  12. Uiv Bootstrap 3 component library
  13. Vuikit library
  14. Onsen UI + Vue
  15. Semantic UI Vue
  16. Fish-UI toolkit
  17. Mint-UI elements
  18. Framework7 Vue
  19. Cube-UI component library
  20. Vueblu component library
  21. Ant design Vue

Thanks to Jonathan Saring for making this list!

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