4 basic Boolean operations in Sketch

4 basic Boolean operations in Sketch
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We like to simplify what we do. And for this purpose, we always look for some tricks or hacks. This time we prepared some hints for designers. So, welcome 4 basic Boolean operations in Sketch.

This is not a matter of “true” or “false” anymore. Boolean operations in Sketch will make you save your time and upgrade your skills. Although they quite simple, it might take some time to get to use them. They are a powerful tool in graphic design applications.

But when you try it ones you will not come back to the previous variant. Just look how simple you can create a complicated form!

There are 4 Boolean operations available in Sketch:

4 basic boolean operations

  1. Union operation
    It combines two input shapes in a new one. The output shape takes up the style of the bottom layer.
  2. Subtract operation 
    It subtracts the shape on top from the shape below. The order of the layers does play a role as the bottom layer is a base and a top layer subtracted from it.
  3. Intersect operation
    It shows the part of the shapes which is common to both layers. The order does not matter. The style is of the bottom layer.
  4. Difference operation
    It deletes the part that overlaps when two shapes are combined. The order does not matter as well.

They are simple to understand and use.

You can find more incredible examples in the album Vector icon speed runs.

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