40 most used Ruby gems

40 most used Ruby gems
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With Ruby gems, you can find a solution almost for any task, which will significantly cut the time you need for web development. We present you 40 most used Ruby gems that can be very helpful for you.

Nowadays, web developers are able to access ready-made solutions instead of writing the functions from scratch, which of course has a great positive impact on the speed of development. When we look at Ruby from this point of view, it stands out due to extensive libraries called Ruby gems. They offer particular functionalities to Ruby applications you build up. Suppose you want to have an authentication function in your program – you don’t need to write one, you can get it in a form of a gem. And this is only one example among thousands of Ruby gems available for free.

A list of cool Ruby gems, which is just a small part of all the gems helping us build great products:

  1. Rubocop
  2. Overcommit
  3. Better_errors
  4. Byebug
  5. RSpec
  6. Capybara
  7. Capybara Screenshot
  8. Parallel_tests
  9. Factory Bot
  10. Chromedriver_helper
  11. Shoulda Matchers
  12. Simplecov
  13. Database Cleaner
  14. RSpec::Retry
  15. Faker
  16. Mina
  17. Devise
  18. Ruby-JWT
  19. CanCanCan
  20. OmniAuth
  21. Carrierwave
  22. Carrierwave_backgrounder
  23. MiniMagick
  24. Elasticsearch
  25. Activeadmin
  26. Administrate
  27. Sidekiq
  28. Simple_form
  29. Friendly_Id
  30. Dotenv-rails
  31. Slim
  32. Draper
  33. Redis
  34. Annotate
  35. Pg_search
  36. Wicked
  37. Config
  38. I18n- tasks
  39. Money_rails
  40. Impressionist

Of course, there are thousands of Ruby gems, and each of them has great value. Read more about each of them here.

And read great news about RubyGems 3.0.0 package manager release!

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