5 dimensions of interaction design

5 dimensions of interaction design
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Nowadays there is no great app without stylish elements and usability. The effectiveness of the application is measured by the optimum combination of functionality and attractiveness. Visual communication with your customers must be simple, intuitive and engaging. That’s where you need to apply the effective UI/UX design. And today we are going to reveal the topic of 5 dimensions of interaction design that is a viable part of user experience. Intrigued?

Let’s start with the definition of interaction design. It’s a dialogue between an individual and a product or system that can happen on the physical and emotional form. Akshay Devazya selected 5 dimensions of interaction designs that can lead to successful communication with the users, and we are sharing them with you:

  1. The right choice of terms.
    The choice of terms should be exact for users to understand the right purpose. So, think carefully choosing them.
  2. Visual elements.
    Sometimes they can be even more powerful than terms. We can use Imagery, iconography, graphical representations and use typographical elements.
  3. Use of physical objects.
    You can use Mobile/tablet screen, computer mouse or keyboard, joystick.
  4. Media that changes over time.
    Animations, videos, sounds always help the user to get a more full understanding of the product.
  5. The actual behavior.
    The actual behavior should be easy for users to understand. That include actions, reactions, operations, presentations.

We gave you a direction to move and here you can find more field for exploring this topic.

On our blog we also talk about multiple users scenarios, formalizing ideas and taking creative approaches to your ideas. It’s better to know different UX design scenarios before creating a project.

p.s. You can always hire talented designers from Syndicode to make your users happy! See our outstanding illustrations and web design examples on Dribbble!

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