8 well-known Ruby on Rails Marketplaces

8 well-known Ruby on Rails Marketplaces
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We proceed with our series about online marketplace development! Nowadays this kind of business is on its TOP-engagement level. Clients get the goods, suppliers get the users and owners to get the money. We know how it all works and definitely cheer you up to jump in. To justify this advice we prepared the list of 8 well-known Ruby on Rails marketplaces you obviously heard about before.

Why do we talk about Ruby on Rails marketplaces? Not just because Syndicode is RoR agency. But because building marketplaces with Ruby on Rails has the list of advantages making it a kind of standard.

See 8 famous marketplace examples built with Ruby on Rails:

Airbnb is the latest platform to disrupt established business by allowing travelers and visitors to find accommodations and for homeowners to rent out spare rooms to individuals. But of course, you already know it.

Shopify is well-known service to run your sales online and offline, that offers many top-shelf features like order tracking and using credit cards.

Couchsurfing uses Ruby on Rails for “heavy lifting” on its site. This is a hospitality service which provides a platform for members to stay as a guest at someone’s home (homestay), host travelers, meet other members, or join an event.

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.

Spree is a multi-merchant B2C (business to customer) Marketplace with 3 million products from 50+ merchants, one checkout, one payment, multiple integrations.

Living Social is a popular daily deal site offering steep discounts on events, services, and merchandise.

Flipkart marketplace is India’s leading platform for selling online.

Clarity is a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with top advisors & industry experts to conduct market research, get strategic business advice or learn something.

To find more information about marketplaces and their development go to the most complete guide on Ruby on Rails Marketplace Development.

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