A mature search library of Searchkick 4.0

A mature search library of Searchkick 4.0
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It’s time to present you something “mature”. Do you remember results of Syndicode’s small research about the most used Ruby on Rails gems for all the time? There is something to add to the list. Meet a mature search library of Searchkick 4.0!

Searchkick learns what your users are looking for. As more people search, it gets smarter and the results get better. It’s friendly for developers and awesome for your users.

Searchkick handles:

  • stemming – tomatoes matches tomato
  • special characters – jalapeno matches jalapeño
  • extra whitespace – dishwasher matches dish washer
  • misspellings – zuchini matches zucchini
  • custom synonyms – qtip matches cotton swab


  • query like SQL – no need to learn a new query language
  • reindex without downtime
  • easily personalize results for each user
  • autocomplete
  • “Did you mean” suggestions
  • supports many languages
  • works with ActiveRecord, Mongoid, and NoBrainer

Searchkick supports the complete Elasticsearch Search API. As your search becomes more advanced, you can use the Elasticsearch DSL for maximum flexibility. To prevent poor precision and improve performance for correctly spelled queries, Searchkick can first perform a search without misspellings, and if there are too few results, perform another with them.

For detailed instruction check here.

The JVM-oriented Ruby implementation gets updated – JRuby is here! Stay tuned! We have a lot of interesting things to share with you!

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