Agile workflow in details

Agile workflow in details
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People sometimes can be very bad at planning and estimating. But we have shared with you the top 6 software development methodologies that can help you to solve that problem. One of them is Agile, the oldest one (at least it seems so). We found an amazing material that will tell you about Agile workflow in details!

As a spoiler, here is some summary of what you’ll find there.

As you know, Agile software development is a conceptual framework for undertaking software engineering projects. There are a number of agile software development methodologies like:

  • Scrum,
  • Crystal Methods and
  • Dynamic Systems Development Model.

So, in a nutshell, how does Agile work?

  • Use your project requirements to make a list of everything that needs to happen.
  • Estimate each item, either by time or more commonly by story points. It can be inaccurate but it will give you a rough idea on project duration.
  • Set some most important priorities first. Scrum is based on fixed cycles, generally 2 weeks in length.
  • Review recent work. If you are crushing everything, increase your sprint workload.

Agile can be easily adapt, and you can put off decisions until you know them properly.

Feel free to find more interesting tips here.

By the way, this year Agile Rock Conference will gather 400+ participants and 20 top speakers from different parts of the world will share cases and the most delicious trends. Will you be there as well?

And, we’d like to make a shameless promotion! Syndicode uses Agile too. Moreover, we prepared a Discovery Session Kit that tells a lot about how we meet the client at first, what information we gather and how we start our work on the project.

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