All about AWS. From A to Z

All about AWS. From A to Z
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After great news that AWS Lambda now supports Ruby, we’ve found the material that covers all about AWS. From A to Z. This awesome post will help you to get to know your Cloud Front from Cloud Trail and Athena from Aurora!

There are a lot of services to get to grips with. Helen Anderson made the list of them from A to B:

  1. Alarm
  2. Bucket
  3. CLI
  4. DB Snapshot
  5. Edge Location
  6. Firehose
  7. Group
  8. Hosted Zone
  9. Image
  10. Job flow
  11. KMS
  12. Lifecycle
  13. Messages
  14. NAT Gateway
  15. On Demand Instance
  16. Persistant storage
  17. Query
  18. Read replica
  19. Scaling
  20. Tagging
  21. Unit
  22. Virtual Private Gateway
  23. WAF
  24. X.509 certificate
  25. Yobibyte
  26. Zone

Learn more about each of them in the original post. As Ruby on Rails agency, Syndicode made a small guide on how to deploy a Rails app on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. We’ll be happy if you find it useful!

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