Angular vs React vs Vue battle with pros and cons for all of them

Angular vs React vs Vue battle with pros and cons for all of them
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Which JavaScript framework do you find the best? Although there are many libraries available today, survey results show that Vue, React, and Angular continue to be the market leaders. We collected some interesting facts about all of them. So, meet Angular vs React vs Vue battle with pros and cons for all of them.


Let’s look at the main pros and cons of Vue:


  • Vue is very lightweight — just 18kb after zipping.
  • Vue offers one of the best integration capabilities, so it can be used to build both single-page and complex web applications.
  • Vue can be easily used to develop large and reusable templates because of its simple structure.


  • Lack of Resources.
  • Quick Evolution.
  • Reactivity Caveats.


React makes use of virtual DOM that helps it to integrate with any application. It also adopts JSX to structure components and helps to develop more SEO friendly web pages as compared to other JS libraries.


  • Ease of Learning: React’s syntax is simple but involves a lot of HTML writing skills.
  • Library, not Framework: It can also be easily integrated with other libraries.
  • React provides total separation of data and presentation layers.


  • The environment of React is changing constantly.
  • React actively makes use of JSX, that allows mixing of HTML with JavaScript.
  • Users have reported issues regarding SEO.


Angular is a powerful solution that aims to provide developers with every possible option. Developed and maintained by Google, Angular has followed the schedule of releasing new versions every 6 months.


  • Angular 5 comes with detailed documentation.
  • The Build Optimizer in Angular 5 removes all the unnecessary runtime code.
  • Angular 5 has been introduced with Universal State Transfer API and DOM support.


  • Just like the first version of Angular, Angular 5 also involves a complicated set of syntax errors.
  • Migrating the app from old versions of Angular can be an issue.
  •  Angular is known to clock the most level of churn.

All 3 frameworks are popular today and are backed by a great team of developers. We can’t say which one is better and it all comes down to your personal choice and programming style as each framework involves a different development philosophy. Here in Syndicode, we prefer React. But… We love the structure and the philosophy of Vue. We are big fans of it. At the same time, sometimes we join some projects that are run on Angular, so knowing them all only helps a developer to stay professional.

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