Artichoke is a new Ruby interpreter

Artichoke is a new Ruby interpreter
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There are plenty of useful Ruby-based tools for all tastes and needs. As Ruby on Rails agency, we use most of them. And today we’ll add one more gem to the collection. How about a mruby-inspired Ruby interpreter built in Rust? Artichoke is a new Ruby interpreter that is a great help in work.

How exactly does Artichoke platform work? It was built with the help of MRI-compatible Ruby implementations.

Artichoke core has such traits and features:

  • Capabilities of a VM backend.
  • Capabilities of a Ruby Value.
  • Interoperability between the VM backend and the Rust-implemented core.
  • It supports embedding with multiple filesystem backends.
  • possession of optional standard-library.
  • possession of optional multi-threading.
  • Capturable IO.
  • Improving the performance of MRI Core and Standard Library.
  • Implementing the runtime with state-of-the-art dependencies.
  • Distributing single-binary builds.
  • Dynamic codegen.
  • Compilation.
  • Parallelism and eliminating the GIL.
  • Memory management and garbage collection techniques.

Find out many more interesting things to know here.

Meanwhile, it’s useful to know that running Ruby on Rails on Windows is possible now!

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