AWS vs Heroku comparison

AWS vs Heroku comparison
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What characteristics do you consider when choosing digital servers for saving and retaining a huge amount of information? When doing this you have to remember that later they will become the foundation for your project and give you an opportunity to deploy, monitor and scale all the stages of development. Today we’d like to share with you an information about the most popular cloud services, AWS vs Heroku comparison.

How to make a choice of cloud services to fully integrate your archives with one of them? Two of the most popular of them are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Heroku. Here in Syndicode, we used both of them for different projects. And today, with the help of Alexander Prokopiev material, we will narrow down the number differences to help you figure out AWS of Heroku.

AWS vs Heroku comparison


AWS Heroku
  • AWS is the product of Amazon, a pretty reliable resource with a giant audience of supporters.
  • Heroku is directly based on AWS.
  • Good for sophisticated products developed by professionals. Uneasy to use for beginners.
  • Its software sometimes considered even too simple, especially for professional developers.
  • No problem with accessing your data whenever you are.
  • The infrastructure is managed automatically by the software.
  • The creation of a server is a complicated process.
  • The creation of a server is a simple process.
  • The cost of running AWS is less than on Heroku, as you are only paying for the infrastructure.


AWS Heroku
  • AWS is hosted on proprietary servers.
  • Heroku is located within the servers of AWS.
  • AWS offers the use of the platforms as services and the infrastructural development as services.
  • Heroku presents only the opportunity to operate with their platforms as virtual services.
  • Using AWS, you are able to operate with ready templates and multiple configurations.
  • Heroku gives you the chance to implement vertical and horizontal scaling, as well as full GitLab integration.


AWS Heroku
  • AWS management console
  • Heroku Command Line
  • AWS Command Line Interface
  • Heroku Application Metrics
  • AWS Could Watch
  • Heroku Connect
  • Heroku Status

Both AWS and Heroku are created for the same purpose but focused on different techniques of carrying out their basic tasks. Some developers say that ‘Amazon Web Services’ is safer and more technologically advanced. But, all in all, you will have less routine with Heroku because it’s more easy-to-use and simple.

Whatever option you choose, you can always find interesting materials about both AWS and Heroku in Syndicode blog.

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