Backend development cheatsheet for 2018

Backend development cheatsheet for 2018
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It’s hard to keep in mind all the new tools and methods nowadays. So Syndicode decided to share with you this pretty backend development cheatsheet for 2018. Here you’ll find step by step visual guides demonstrating the bigger picture of what you should know as a frontend developer. 

Created by Kamran Ahmed, here it is!

Backend development cheatsheet. Credits to Kamran Ahmed

The author brakes the map into 24 steps.

Backend development cheatsheet for 2018

  1. learn the language
  2. practice the language
  3. learn package manager
  4. learn standards and best practices
  5. explore security guidelines
  6. practice on refactoring and adding the functionality
  7. learn about testing
  8. practice testing
  9. learn about relational databases
  10. create a simple application with everything you’ve learned so far
  11. learn the framework
  12. practice the framework
  13. learn a NoSQL database
  14. learn to implement app level caching
  15. learn, understand and learn to create RESTful APIs
  16. learn about different Authentication and authorization methodologies
  17. learn about message brokers and when to use them
  18. learn about search engines
  19. learn about Docker
  20. learn about web servers
  21. learn about Web Sockets
  22. learn GraphQL
  23. look into Graph Databases
  24. keep exploring

That’s it! That is how you will grow as a professional backend developer!

Find more in this article and on GitHub.

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