Best CSS frameworks in 2019

Best CSS frameworks in 2019
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In the beginning of 2019 we have already shared with you the list of TOP-6 CSS frameworks to be popular this year. But this fall it is time, to sum up, whether our predictions came true and evaluate the best CSS frameworks in 2019.

So, let’s check this year’s results:

  1. Bootstrap 
    It is often de facto framework, especially for Web Developers and the most popular in the world. Now it has advanced features for layouts, utility components and is very flexible.
  2. Foundation
    It checks off most of the features: responsive, mobile-first, accessibility, etc. It also has some new responsive features that make its design very easy.
  3. UIkit 
    With its help, you can do difficult flexbox-based layouts with UIkit using just HTML. UIkit includes many components with attractive styles.
  4. Semantic UI 
    Words, classes are named as closely as possible to how a person would speak. This makes writing HTML intuitive, especially for newer developers.
  5. Bulma 
    One of the benefits of Bulma is that it is *purely CSS, no JavaScript. This means you just need to include one .css file in your project to get going, no .js required.
  6. Tailwind
    A Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development.
  7. Picnic CSS
    It can be seen as the opposite of Tailwind, and is less complex. It also has great interactive pure-CSS components and you don’t need JavaScript for this.
  8. PaperCSS
    It includes a flexbox grid, badges, buttons, cards, and pure CSS components.
  9. NES.css 
    It reminds of the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System graphics and has a retro gaming look.
  10. Animate.css
    This library has dozens of pre-built animations that shake, fade, slide, zoom and many more.
  11. Milligram 
    It offers minimal styling and only 2kb in gzipped format. It has all possible grids, tables, forms, tips, buttons and other tools.
  12. Skeleton
    It has about 400 lines of code, but also a grid, typography, forms, media queries and everything you need to create a quality website.
  13. Base
    It is a very simple framework that is built on the principle of light and minimal code.
  14. Dead Simple Grid
    It is a tiny and flexible CSS grid framework that supports infinite data flow and genuine responsive design.
  15. Materialize CSS
    One of the easier responsive CSS frameworks to learn with many components and effects.

Which one is your favorite and why?

Don’t miss the opportunity to read about the State of CSS 2019 and which CSS features developers use the most as well as which tools are gaining more adoption.

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