Best JS HTTP Requests Libraries for 2019

Best JS HTTP Requests Libraries for 2019
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The end of the year is the time for predictions. Now, when you know all the most famous JavaScript frameworks, it’s time to present you the best JS HTTP Requests Libraries for 2019. Explore and use!

We will look into the 5 most popular HTTP libraries and see how they achieve the same goal:

  1. Axios. This is a Promise-based HTTP library for performing HTTP requests on both Nodejs and Browser. It supports all modern browser, even an included support for IE8 +.

  2. Superagent. This is a Promise-based light-weight progressive AJAX API perfectly suited for sending HTTP requests and receiving server responses. Like axios, it works in both Node and in all modern browsers.

  3. Request. This provides a more simplified approach to making HTTP requests. Using Request, you will realize that you need much less code to make an HTTP request than with other HTTP libraries.

  4. Fetch. This is a native browser API for making requests. It’s intended to be an alternative to XMLHttpRequest.

  5. Supertest. This is used for testing Node.js HTTP servers. This library is powered by SuperAgent, it combines its own API and the lower-level API provided by SuperAgent to provide a neat interface for testing HTTP.

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