Checklist Design is UX and UI best practices collection

Checklist Design is UX and UI best practices collection
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“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” And we are ready to determine for you a collection of the best design practices. Checklist Design is UX and UI best practices collection that will bring together everything you need to know. Well, you should already know a lot about design from our UI/UX design guide, but a little useful checklist will never hurt anyone…

On the Checklist Design website, you can find icons of the lists with the necessary features to fulfill a user’s needs. There’s also some optional additions, a few helpful articles, and some great examples.

This website is an attempt at listing out all the minimum requirements a page needs to satisfy the user experience for you. The site also offers different components, elements on a page that have various states and situations to potentially be in.

The checklists could be used as templates for some custom checklists and could be assigned to particular projects. For example, if you work on something you can add necessary checklists to that project/task and then check what has been done. This can be helpful when you do something critical like a new server installation where you cannot forget about some settings.

No more words! Check it by yourself here. And remember Steve Jobs words that “design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Meet another thing that will make your designer’s life simpler – awesome UX Flowchart kit for Sketch and Figma.

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