Color systems in dark mode

Color systems in dark mode
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We genuinely support the idea that “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” As UI/UX design experts, today we are going to reveal to you a topic of color systems in dark mode. Are you intrigued? Read on…

Let’s figure out the approach of choosing a color system. Why we prefer some color to the others – that’s important. Looking at the color system, we can define the roles and name them accordingly.

  1. Tints are usually the brand and secondary colors. We can add them as many as we can. Their main purpose is to add interactive elements, illustrations or highlights.
  2. Background colors. They can be a separate category, as we usually use them in our projects. Their purpose is obvious – they create the backgrounds of elements.
  3. Foreground content. That refers to the text, separators, and others. There are several levels of foreground content but mainly they are used for elements placed on a Tint color.

If you want to experience it by yourself, download the plugin to get started on your dark mode!

And here is a tip from us – ut’s better to know different UX design scenarios before creating a project.  However, you don’t need to study this topic yourself – you have Syndicode’s designers who are ready to create, improve and make the best of your web and mobile design!

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