Design for eCommerce websites

Design for eCommerce websites
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As marketplace development experts, Syndicode gathered some of the key criteria to be followed when you create a design for an online marketplace. Here we gathered a list of tips that should be taken into account when we design for eCommerce websites.

It’s important to follow some of the eCommerce web design tips to get better results. Here we collected them:

  1. Remember about the user. Every time we make a decision, we think about how the user will see it.
  2. Trying to keep minimalism in our design. Getting rid of any unnecessary details and keep the website as simple as possible.
  3. To increase conversion we use the view cart button. That makes it easy to find for users.
  4. Don’t hide information about real prices. Honesty is always good at making business.
  5. Don’t make additional icons and windows. They distract users and you definitely need their attention.
  6. Our images and photos should be of the best quality. This will bring more trust to the product.
  7. Making shipping policies always be seen on the website. That’s what customers always try to find first.
  8. Don’t forget about reviews and testimonials. This is the information that always brings more attention as potentials users try to make research before using the products.
  9. Including menu bars. It should appear easily and doesn’t hide the needed information. We don’t include too many options.
  10. Organizing products into specific categories. The users should be able to search the categories and narrow their search.
  11. Creating a scarcity of products. Including information about what products are limited or out of stock.
  12. Including a search bar. It allows users to find their products easily.
  13. Minimizing the text. The users don’t like to read a story, they want to find what they were looking for.
  14. Icons of social networks are a must. This will help the users to research your products in all possible ways.
  15. Including the FAQ page. We make sure to write all the answers that can interest potential customers.
  16. Making checkout simple. It should be done in no more than 3 clicks.

We are using all these tips and try not to forget about the critical features for the website’s design and development.

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