Design style guides for 2019

Design style guides for 2019
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As UI/UX design agency, last week we created for you a comprehensive UI/UX design guide where we gathered all the important theory for creating the outstanding web and mobile application design. The one thing left not covered there is trends (particularly because trends usually change very dynamically). And today we are ready to introduce you design style guides for 2019.

It is hard to search for the best ones among tons of available style guides, especially if you are looking for something that will work for your project. Here is the list of the best design guides for 2019 from the most famous design companies and communities.

  1. Marvel’s Styleguide is the perfect guide for the functional design project.
  2. TripAdvisor’s Design Style guide for information-intensive projects.
  3. Photon Design System with different approaches from material design, an A-Z guide for your entire project.
  4. Mailchimp’s style guide for web designers and developers.

Talking about Marvel App, we have to share with you the ultimate list of UI prototyping tools for each type of prototyping!

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