Desktop Ruby GUI development in 2018

Desktop Ruby GUI development in 2018
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It’s hard to underestimate the importance of graphical user interface. Through this interface, literally, everything we do as users became possible. GUI lets us interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators. If you have ever developed a desktop tool, you could have paid your attention to that Ruby GUI development is a seldom mentioned subject. But it exists and it’s valuable! And we’re going to fix the situation by making an overview of desktop Ruby GUI development in 2018!

Desktop Ruby GUI development in 2018

This article presents a summary of what Saverio Miroddi experienced while he was developing GUI applications with Ruby. There he made a comparison table for:

  • Shoes 3
  • Shoes 4
  • FXRuby
  • Tk
  • Ruby-GNOME2
  • qtbindings
  • JRubyFX
  • JRuby+Java libs
  • wxRuby

frameworks and made some interesting notes about desktop Ruby GUI toolkits.

A brief summary

For distributing applications:

  • for general purpose, FXRuby (also try GTK+);
  • for trivial applications, try Shoes 3 (or 4, which right now is in RC).

Find more tips and hacks for Ruby development here.

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