Eleventy is an alternative to Jekyll

Eleventy is an alternative to Jekyll
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How many simple static site generators do you know? We found a new one! Eleventy is an alternative to Jekyll. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML. Ready to try?

Eleventy is a simpler static site generator. Works with HTML, Markdown, Liquid, Nunjucks, Handlebars, Mustache, EJS, Haml, Pug, and JavaScript Template Literals.


npm install -g @11ty/eleventy
echo '# Page header' > README.md

This will compile any files matching valid template file extensions in the current directory into the output folder (defaults to _site).

Writing _site/README/index.html from ./README.md
Wrote 1 file in 0.10 seconds

Run eleventy --serve to start up a hot-reloading web server. Then open http://localhost:8080/README/ in your web browser of choice to see your Eleventy output.

Major Roadmapped Features

Feel free to check more detailed information here.

FInd some information about the other site generator – Gridsome, Vue-powered static site generator CDN-ready websites and apps.

However, if you want to develop something from scratch, ask Syndicode about custom software development!

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