Elixir and Erlang events in 2019

Elixir and Erlang events in 2019
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It’s about 13 days left until 2019! Have you already planned your calendar for some great Elixir/Ergalg conferences? Here we’ll give you the selection of the most interesting Elixir and Erlang events in 2019 you shouldn’t miss! Visit as many as you can to improve your skills and find more cool programmers to follow up.

Elixir and Erlang events to visit in 2019

    1. EMPEX LA, Feb 2, Los Angeles, United States
    2. Lambda Days, Feb 21, Krakow, Poland
    3. Code BEAM SF 2019, Feb 28-March 1, San Francisco, CA
    4. Lonestar ElixirConf 2019, Feb 28-March 1, Austin, TX
    5. Code BEAM Lite Italy, Mar 22, Bologna, Italy
    6. BOB 2019, Mar 22, Berlin, Germany
    7. ElixirConfEU, April 8-9, Prague, Czech Republic
    8. Code BEAM STO 2019, May 16-17, Stockholm, Sweden
    9. Code Elixir LDN 2019, July 18, London, UK
    10. ElixirConf 2019, Aug 27-28, Aurora, Colorado
    11. Gig City Elixir, Oct 26-27, Chattanooga, TN

If we missed any Elixir and Erlang event, let us know! We will update this list in future.

We know there are many developers switched to Elixir from Ruby. And here’s the interesting opinion about Elixir from a Rubyist’s perspective. Elixir and Rails have many things in common, so you might be also interested in the list of Rails conferences to visit in 2019!

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