Elixir for JS developers

Elixir for JS developers
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Earlier we made a post about Elixir from Rubyist’s perspective. But Ruby and Elixir have some things in common, so their comparison seems logical. But what do you think about Elixir for JS developers?

Behind the scenes, it’s powerful features like green threads and supervision trees that enable OTP services to be massively scalable and highly available. These benefits aren’t limited to telephony either. Consider WhatsApp, who scaled to over 900M users with just 50 engineers thanks in large part to OTP.

  • Elixir doesn’t support either class-based or prototypal inheritance. Instead, you get Modules, which are more or less templates for data structures and collections of static methods.
  • Functions are ubiquitous in Javascript. There are named functions which are declared with the function keyword, and anonymous functions which are assigned to a variable (most commonly written in arrow notation).
  • Method chaining is another common technique in JS. In its simplest form, it involves consecutively invoking functions on the same object.
  • In Javascript, objects are passed by reference. That means it’s possible to reassign arguments, leading to side-effects. Some frameworks like React try to save us from ourselves by enforcing categorically immutable data structures.

Feel free to read more here.

P.S. ExVenture is an MMO server written in Elixir and it’s had a lot of cool things get spun off.

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