Every dot here is a package – ‘code galaxies’ visualization of npm packages

Every dot here is a package – ‘code galaxies’ visualization of npm packages
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You might have already read the research that shows JavaScript 2018 in review and npm’s predictions for 2019. And today we want to present you some of the most popular package managers – Software Galaxies. Every dot here is a package – ‘code galaxies’ visualization of npm packages.

Software Galaxies visualizes dependencies among most popular package managers. Every star in this visualization represents a package. A position of a package is determined by force based graph layout algorithm and usually clusters together packages that depend on each other. Some packages are connected by lines. It means one package depends on another. Image above shows only very close connections. We can also see all connections, but the image becomes obscured by a number of connections.

The primary focus of these visualizations is exploratory discovery. It works best on a large monitor, but also works on mobile devices. Use one finger touch to fly forward, two fingers touch to fly backward. Rotate your device to look around.

A search box can be used to locate a start in the graph. The input box accepts regular expression: If you type . it will match all names, and show all result. Explore it more here.

P.S. And check what do you know about Tink – a next generation package manager for JavaScript.

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