Explaining PWA in details

Explaining PWA in details
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If you’re designing a web app today, you’re already on the path towards building a Progressive Web App. The question of why you should choose it over native apps really depends on your app’s purpose. But we’ll talk about the other things today. Today we’re explaining PWA in details.

A progressive web application (PWA) is a website that was turned into an application. PWAs are more of a methodology that involves a combination of technologies to make powerful web applications. 

Each PWA is composed of the small components, as:

  • A web app manifest (a configuration file .JSON that should be added to the manifest to your main HTML file)
  • A service worker (a component in the background of your website on the browser, that has such phases, as registration, installation/activation and responding to various events)
  • Install experience (needed to install your application)
  • HTTPS (all websites should be operated under the https protocol to be secured)
  • Creating an APK (You can use the PWA2APK tool or do it yourself)
  • Lighthouse audit (Look in the Chrome Developer Tools)

If you want to know more, last month we have prepared the caching strategies for PWA for you.

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