Fast and simple library for SQLite3 in Node.js

Fast and simple library for SQLite3 in Node.js
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Syndicode recently found an interesting open source library in Node.js called better-sqlite3. There are several reasons why you should use it instead of node-sqlite3. Consider this new fast and simple library for SQLite3 in Node.js.

Ok, here we are, between something we already know and use and something we just found.

better-sqlite3 looks quite attractive:

  • Full transaction support
  • Geared for performance, efficiency, and safety
  • Easy-to-use synchronous API (faster than an asynchronous API)
  • Custom SQL function support
  • 64-bit integer support (invisible until you need it)

But still, why should you replace your node-sqlite3 with it? Here are the bunch of reasons:

  1. node-sqlite3 uses asynchronous APIs for tasks that are either CPU-bound or serialized.
  2. node-sqlite3 exposes low-level (C language) memory management functions.
  3. better-sqlite3 is simpler to use, and it provides nice utilities for some operations that are very difficult or impossible in node-sqlite3.
  4. better-sqlite3 is much faster than node-sqlite3 in most cases, and just as fast in all other cases.

Desition is yours! Find the details on GitHub.

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