Figma Plugins are here

Figma Plugins are here
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We extensively use Figma in our projects. So we always aware of new features in order to simplify our designing experience. Today we’re happy to share with you the news that with Figma Plugins are here. We are going to present to you some of the most fascinating.

Plugins are important components to a designer’s workflow that can be useful power-ups and help improve Figma’s product functionality. Let’s meet some of these plugins:

  1. Similayer.  The plugin selects all layers with similar properties, so you can easily edit them.
    Creator: David Williames, Senior Product Designer for the Australia Post app

  2. Unsplash. This plugin allows you to insert Unsplash images into your Figma files.
    Creator: Liam Martens, in collaboration with Kirill Zakharov at Unsplash

  3. Contrast Checker.  It provides you with the colors, visuals, and typography that are readable and legible.
    Creator: Stark

  4. Microsoft Theme Switcher.  A private Microsoft plugin that allows designers to switch between multiple product themes.
    Creator: Jackie Chui, UX Designer at Microsoft.

  5. Themer. It makes possible the swap between multiple published styles.
    Creator: Tom Lowry, Designer Advocate at Figma

Explore the new plugins reading this detailed material.

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