Firefox 66 new features

Firefox 66 new features
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It was just yesterday that we considered about should we use Firefox for web developers and why. The spoiler – yes, we should! Moreover, Mozilla Hacks team prepared the list of the new Firefox 66 features and Syndicode is happy to share it with you!

To start with, Firefox will block audible autoplaying video and audio. This means media have to wait for user interaction before playing unless the muted property is set on the associated HTMLMediaElement. Wow, right?

  • Firefox uses scroll anchoring, which prevents slow-loading content from suddenly pushing visible content off the page.
  • The Touch Bar on macOS is now supported, offering quick access to common browser features without having to learn keyboard shortcuts.
  • the overflow menu sports a new option to search through your open tabs and switch to the right one.
  • you can now manage and change all of the shortcuts set by extensions by visiting about:addons .
  • Firefox is the first browser to support animating the CSS Grid grid-template-rows and grid-template-columns properties.
  • Local storage for browser extensions is now backed by IndexedDB, offering significant performance and memory improvements.

To find more description of the new features made by Dan Callahan, check here.

By the way, did you know that there is no a single browser with a non-Chromium engine?

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