FKit is a functional programming toolkit for JavaScript

FKit is a functional programming toolkit for JavaScript
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JavaScript is the world’s most misunderstood programming language. But we will definitely help you to understand it better. Let’s say, there are some problems with functions, objects, arrays, and strings. There is a solution! FKit is a functional programming toolkit for JavaScript that is ready to help you with that.

FKit is a functional programming toolkit that provides many functions for solving common problems with functions, objects, arrays. With its help, you can create reusable building blocks.

That’s the main features we would like to emphasize for you:

  • FKit treats both strings and arrays as lists, so you can apply the same list functions to both strings and arrays (e.g. headtailmapfilterfold, etc).
  • Most FKit functions are already carried by default so you can use them wherever you need them.
  • The ordering of arguments to the functions is designed to be more natural, so they become highly composable.
  • Its size is only 3 KB when minified and gzipped!

Some examples of code you can apply:

To sum the numbers in a list write:

import { sum } from 'fkit'
sum() // 6

To stash a string:

import { map, surround } from 'fkit'
map(surround('{', '}'), 'hello') // '{h}{e}{l}{l}{o}'

For more details please check this info.

And if you want to make your logs better, read about debugging in JavaScript with the Console API.

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