Framer Bridge plugin connects your design system to production code

Framer Bridge plugin connects your design system to production code
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Unbiased as always, Syndicode tried to collect a list of the most popular ultimate UI prototyping tools. Now, when you are familiar with it we can move further and tell you more. For example, about how Framer Bridge plugin connects your design system to production code. 

Framer Bridge is a suite of tools that allows you to import production components built by your engineers and publish it to your design system in Framer X. It works on a continuous loop and is completely customizable to your existing development workflow.

Let’s summarize its main features:

  •  a folder-based file approach. By moving to a folder approach, Framer now enables teams to use version control tools like GitHub for content management, allowing the entire team to work on the same project simultaneously.
  •  new command line tool that allows you to build and publish packages to your private Team Store on every commit, ensuring every designer on your team is always using the most updated version of every component. The tool exposes authenticationbuild, and publish commands to enable integration with any workflow.
  • A set of new GitHub actions to automate the workflow in any repository, creating a new solution to keep the design team up-to-date.
  • Framer Bridge is great for teams, but you can also use it to collaborate on packages for the public Store in Framer X. You can now host the source code on GitHub, where others can contribute to your package.

If you’re wondering how to get started, click here and find out all the details.

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