Friday evening presentation. React.js for beginners

Friday evening presentation. React.js for beginners
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Here in Syndicode, we love to set up new traditions! Having many talented developers of the different stack in our team we support knowledge collaboration. Last Friday we gathered in Syndicode’s Kyiv office to listen to an intro to one of the main JS libraries for building user interfaces. Our Friday evening presentation ‘React.js for beginners’ was also streamed online for Dnipro office and other frontends who was away. Would you like for us to make such presentations available for you too? 

In a nutshell, the presentation of React.js for beginners consisted of the next parts:

  1. Becoming a frontend developer, choosing the framework
  2. The first React.js project
  3. Basic React.js features
  4. Pros and cons of React.js vs jQuery
  5. JSX, Components, State and Props

We plan to continue tech presentations and want you to join our team! Find our open positions here.

However, you can always find some interesting information about React, Vue, Angular and other JS libraries and frameworks in our JavaScript GitHub digest!

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