Function Composition in Ruby

Function Composition in Ruby
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When you know now all about the role, skills and duties of a software architect, it’s time to look more closely to the Function Composition in Ruby. We’ll see how these new operators work, how you can use them with any object that implements call. Excited? 

So, what is a Functional Composition? According to its official definition, it is “an act or mechanism to combine simple functions to build more complicated ones.”  The result of each function is passed as the argument of the next, and the result of the last one is the result of the whole. If we talk about Ruby, we have such equivalents:

    • A Proc object can be stored in a local variable, passed to a method or another Proc. It is an essential concept in Ruby and a core of its functional programming features. Procs also come in an extra form: a “lambda”.
  • The other Ruby feature that we can use as a function is Method. That’s how we can represent methods defined on objects (e.g. with def) as objects themselves.
  • Some Ruby objects can transform themselves into Proc by implementing to_proc. Ruby will automatically call this method on any object that is being passed as a block argument to another method with &.
  • There are two new operators:
    • <<: called “backward composition” in F# and “compose to left” in the Ruby source code
    • >>: called “forward composition” in F# and “compose to right” in the Ruby source code

If you want to read more about example use cases for function composition in Ruby, please read this material.

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